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AUCTracker for Radionuclide Imaging

Frequently Asked Questions

The AUC Tracker allows you to securely save basic AUC information about the cardiac radionuclide imaging procedures performed at your facility. You can then export your saved AUC data for accreditation submission or quality initiatives. You can also review this data to assess performance over time, which may help with quality improvement initiatives.
Only the administrator can perform these functions:
  • Create the account
  • Invite and add additional users to the account
  • Update the account profile
  • Close the account
Both users and the administrator can:
  • Initiate new records
  • Access and add data to existing records
  • Run reports of account data
See Terms & Conditions.
The 2013 Multimodality AUC have replaced the previously published AUC for the testing modalities they address. It is anticipated that the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission will transition to using the 2013 AUC exclusively.
Yes, but you can no longer enter new data to your AUC Tracker account using the old app. The 2009 RNI AUC data you entered can be found on a separate page. The data generated by the 2009 and 2013 apps cannot be mixed together because the appropriateness categories have been updated in the newer AUC.
Only raw, de-identified data will be shared with third parties and only for educational purposes. Any and all information related to the identity of the data source will be kept anonymous. To address your concern in more detail, please see the excerpt below, which comes from the Terms and Conditions of the site:
Legal Notice on Data Entered on This Website:

By registering for an account for this site as an administrator, as defined above, you understand and agree that the data you and your Sub-users enter may be utilized in the aggregate including for reporting and analytical purposes. The aggregate data entered by you or the Sub-users of this site may anonymously be shared by the management of this site with designated third parties for aggregate reporting and data analysis.

The use by Astellas or its affiliates of any of your or the Sub-users' account data would be in a de-identified manner, such that in all instances, it would be anonymous. Other users of this site, or other third parties, will have no means to identify you, your account, its Sub-users, your institution, its staff, or its patients or patient information. Any patient information and personally identifiable information is encrypted using industry standards and in compliance with all applicable law.

Should you have any other concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Astellas has taken the necessary measures to maintain the privacy of user information on and wants to ensure that you and your institution feel confident that your data will be secure.
No, but it is important that you designate one user as the administrator of your facility's account. Only the designated administrator will be able to invite other users to use the AUC Tracker account and manage administrative tasks, such as editing the account profile or deactivating the account.
Providing your institution's Tax ID number allows multiple sites/facilities to aggregate all the data for the institution system-wide. This is optional.
When you deactivate your account, your data will anonymously remain in the AUC Tracker and will continue to affect comparative reporting functions.
To get a true read on your appropriate use, you are encouraged to enter as much data as possible—ideally for every test.
This chart is based only on the data that have been entered by users of the AUC Tracker. As more users enter data into the Tracker, the more meaningful this chart will become in depicting the national scores on appropriate use.
If you need to provide data to an outside source for accreditation or quality initiative reporting, you can simply export your data to a spreadsheet. It is recommended that you conduct a quality control check on the exported data and, if necessary, format it to conform to various reporting requirements. At this time, you cannot report directly to any outside party from
Simply access Technical Support through the Support tab on the top of any page on the site, submit a brief request, and our Help Desk will respond within 3 business days.
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